Ok It’s Throwback Thursday but…

I’m having trouble this summer keeping track of my days.  I’m staying up way too late and re-scheduling things that screw me up on what day it is!  So I’m posting my latest artwork instead of a throwback.  I need thoughts on these, the  doubt is creeping in big time.horseMotorcyclepinecone


Throwback Thursday

Over the years, I can’t begin to tell you how many computers have come and gone resulting in a lot of pictures of my artwork lost along the way.  I recently found a few oldies in a weird spot so for today’s TBT, here’s an original painting from approximately 2004.

Retro Relic Lawn Chair

Available on Society 6

OMG. I’m in love with my latest retro relic. Remember these in the 70’s?  They symbolize summer, family time, fishing, and more!  Looks so great with any of the other retro relics pieces I have available.

Throw Back Thursday

Been doing art a long time!  Here’s a flashback to one of my first pieces….


Art I Love

I peruse a lot of the typical sites for inspiration and I’m going to start showing some of the artists that I do not know whatsoever, but LOVE their work!  Please check out Sarah’s unqiue art by clicking this link!  Art I LOVE!



Time Goes So Fast…

Today’s my anniversary with the hubs and it’s already 24 years we’ve managed to stay married, happy and strong.  I believe my marriage is my greatest accomplishment in my life by far.  It’s hard work, it’s rewarding, it’s good more than bad and in today’s world, a rarity to stick it out and really love one another through all the good, bad, ugly, and accept everything about a person.  So glad I met this auburn haired beauty when I did, my life would have been so boring without him.  File Jul 25, 12 15 15 PM

Buy Some Art!

I’ve been a busy little beaver lately and completed five new pieces!  Click the link below to see all the products available for each.  They are reasonably priced too!

Public Tee SodaArtStudiobrushlandscapeBuffaloLockkeyPolarlandscape3

T-Shirt X 1000

t-shirt color.pngHoly cow, I’ve never seen so many sites to upload art and add it to so many things.  It’s kind of overwhelming!  Today, I’m in love with TeePublic, uploads are easy and it looks good too, check it out!  Plus they do have prints, phone cases, mugs etc.



Kitchen Retro Relics

So keeping on with my Retro Relics Collection, I’ve got all KITCHEN.  I’ve got a blender and toaster ready to roll.  Your kitchen deserves good art too ya know?  What other kitchen relics would you like to see?  Shoot me a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with!

Well, Well, Well…

LunchboxIt’s been awhile!  Life happens that way sometimes doesn’t it?  Things get in the way of goals, plans, etc.  Not necessarily bad things just life.  I’m feverishly trying to get my act together and start doing new art and posting it in a variety of places for sale.  I hope to become more regular with posting on my page.  Your thoughts, comments, etc. are appreciated so write to me whenever you want!

The above lunchbox was created digitally and is part of a great series I started called “Retro Relics”.